Ecommerce Travel Sites/Apps – How to Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing

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If you are in the travel affiliate marketing industry, then you probably have a rough idea about how competitive things tend to get. So, how do you go about growing your business? What is the best way to increase sales and make more people interested in what you have to offer? Read on to learn more:

Introducing Travel Affiliate Marketing

Through travel affiliate marketing, you can easily create a powerful network of professional promoters to extend your market reach and help to place your travel website, brand or app in front of more potential and actual customers.

Through this performance-based model, you will reward affiliates for the traffic they direct to your brand, app, and website. In most cases, these affiliates will place text links and/or banners on their websites / blogs. Mailers will use their email lists to promote your travel business / app, media buyers will negotiate, purchase and monitor your advertising space and airtime. They will track all sales and leads they will refer to your travel business.

Considerations for Travel Affiliate Marketing

With so many people choosing to travel out of their states and comfort zones, it is now more important than ever before travel companies and travel agents to place a great emphasis on the potential of online channels that are performance based.

To this end, the transport and travel industries have invested heavily in online and affiliate marketing. Flexible and cost effective, travel affiliate marketing boosts revenues for these companies and agents in a major way.

However, increasing sales for travel sites, brands and apps aren’t as easy as it may seem. Actually, it is very competitive and requires professionalism, creativity, expertise, and highly targeted communications for success.

To make a travel affiliate marketing program take flight, consider the following:

1. Seasonality

For starters, this industry is very seasonal as far as online shopping goes. For instance, there are 2 regular and distinct peaks annually in the UK – January and July. January represents bookings from consumers looking for ski holidays and winter sun alongside those booking their summer holidays in advance. The July peak, on the other hand, consists of summer holiday bookings made at the last minute.

When you consider the seasonality in the industry, you will be able to understand the trends and know the low and the high seasons in the territories where you advertise. As such, you will be better placed to plan your digital strategy accordingly and use content and campaigns that are specific to the season.

2. Tool Choice

Travel affiliate marketing is also unique in the sense that people can make bookings for same day travel and for trips that are a year away. Therefore, it might be difficult for you to track the travel.

This means you need to use different ways to track your sales. You should also sort them manually with the right technology. In particular, use open-ended actions and disposition codes to track reservations through to completed stays. These tools will automate your updates, save you time, and improve reporting clarity.

3. Locality

While considering locality, pay extra attention to currency and language. Performance marketing campaigns such as those in the travel affiliate marketing industry should be delivered in the currency and language of your target audience.

Therefore, as you look to increase sales for travel sites, brands and apps, make the due translations and conversion. If you cannot translate and convert an entire website or app, consider focusing on the checkout page and other popular pages.

Remember, travel affiliate marketing presents unique challenges. However, when you consider the above and use the right approach, you should be able to overcome these challenges, eclipse all expectations, and drive highly targeted traffic towards your clients’ websites, brands and apps.

Succeeding in Travel Affiliate Marketing

As the owner of a travel business, you can create and manage your own affiliate program or, alternatively, work with an affiliate network that will do that for you. This is one of the best ways to grow your brand awareness in the marketplace, increase sales, and attract more revenue at low overhead costs for your clients.

Remember, people travel for different reasons. Therefore, you might need to tweak your affiliate program and the content you use to help your targets meet their needs. For instance, if they are going to India for a treatment, you have to focus on content that will make them want to use the travel sites, brands and apps maintained by you.

In this manner, you will have a better shot at making your affiliate marketing more targeted. It will also go a long way in enabling you to attract the highly targeted traffic you need for success.

Remember, this is one of the most competitive of industries within the affiliate marketing niche. Therefore, you have to go over and beyond just selling products and services and deals. Instead, focus on selling experiences, ideas, and thoughts that will make people click on your links, head over to your client’s travel sites, brands and apps and buy their packages instantaneously.

Setting Up a Travel Affiliate Marketing Program

So, how does one go about setting up an affiliate program for their travel business? Well, there are many options out there. For instance, you can set up your own program in-house. Alternatively, you can host the program with a 3rd party network.

The second option is better because it will end up costing you less both in terms of time and money. For instance, affiliaXe offers a great variety of campaigns in the Travel industry and attracted some of the biggest brand names. These include, but are not limited to:


1,000,000 rooms are booked daily via As the leader in online booking, they serve both leisure and business type visitors worldwide.

– Agoda

As one of the leading online platforms for hotels worldwide, Agoda provides hotel listing services in 38 different languages.

– Trivago

Looking for hotel reviews? Trivago offers more than 15 million reviews & photos so you can find out more about where you are traveling to before you get there.

These companies, as well as others, choose to use affiliaXe for very key reasons which generate their success.

affiliaXe network allows you to easily create text links and banners that your affiliates can download and use on their websites to help attract more clients to you. In the same way, every one of your affiliates will have unique identifiers that will be associated with their accounts. This way, you will be able to easily and automatically know those affiliates who increase sales for your travel site, brand, and/or app.

However, this is just the first step to setting up an affiliate marketing program for your travel business. Other aspects you ought to consider include:

1. Commission Payouts

To properly increase sales for travel sites, brands, and apps through affiliate marketing, it is imperative that you create a competitive but profitable structure. If you cooperate with an affiliate network, the network itself guarantees to pay reward affiliates promoting your business with the best payouts. The higher the volume the affiliate produces, the better their payout bump will be.

2. Terms and Conditions

Your affiliates must know what you do and do not permit. For instance, if you are running your own PPC ads and would not want your affiliates to bid on the keywords that they use on their affiliate websites, you ought to state this explicitly before they can join your program. This will, in the long run, prevent creating conflicts of interest.

3. Reversal Period

Occasionally, some customers might cancel their plans and not use the service or product your travel website, brand, or app offers. You need to decide, ahead of time, how to handle the commission reversals for these returned purchases.


There are many other benefits that come with using travel affiliate marketing to promote and increase sales for travel websites, brands, and apps. However, we believe that you probably already have a rough idea of how affiliate marketing works and the advantages it holds in store for your travel business.
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