Ecommerce Sites – How to Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing

Looking for information on how to increase sales with affiliate marketing for your eCommerce website? Then you have come to the right place.

In this upcoming series of 6 articles, we’ll thoroughly explain how your business can increase sales using affiliate marketing.

Each article will focus on a specific vertical, including Fashion and online shopping sites, Travel sites, Finance, and more.

Here’s a general recap of how to increase sales with affiliate marketing, starting from top to bottom.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to get more traffic to your sales website. However, there is more to making sales than just recruiting enthusiastic affiliates and getting them to put up banners of your services and products on their blogs and websites.

Actually, there is a lot that goes on in the Affiliate Marketing world. In the same way, you need to make many considerations as you set up your affiliate program to ensure that you win more customers from the people who visit your website.

This is how you can increase sales with affiliate marketing for your eCommerce website:

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Basically, affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that is based on performance. Through this system, you will reward affiliates for every customer and/or visitor they bring to your website via their marketing efforts and strategies.
In other words, you will pay commissions every time anyone uses the special affiliate links to refer new sales to your eCommerce website.
However, to run a lucrative and successful affiliate marketing program that consistently increases your sales, you need to consider the following:

1. The Affiliate Network

The best way to go about increasing the sales on your eCommerce website is by picking the right affiliate network / program. As far as possible, therefore, choose a platform that is affordable and which has a large database of successfully active affiliates. The platform should also be able to manage your payments to the affiliates so you won’t have to constantly deal with that each month.

2. The Commission

In general, the higher the commission amount, the harder your affiliates will work. To this end, choosing to offer a commission of between 20 to 25% will drastically increase your chances of attracting great affiliate partners. However, if you are just starting out, consider using a commission of between 10 and 15%.

3. Affiliate Resource Center

You should also make it easy for your affiliates to promote your products and services. The best way to go about doing this is by providing different banner sizes for your affiliates to be able to market your products with. By doing so, your affiliates will be able to choose the best banners for their campaigns.
Where possible, add a couple of banners that are particularly sized for different social media platforms. Additionally, offer social media copies for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts, as well as newsletter copies.

4. The Affiliates

Learning how to increase sales with affiliate marketing for your eCommerce website will revolve around the manpower you get. To this end, you need to recruit the right type of affiliates to work for you.

Most affiliate networks, like affiliaXe, for that matter, work with tons of affiliates who are already experienced in promoting products and services online. affiliaXe affiliates specialize in promoting certain niches via their popular websites and blogs, who have audiences that are similar to your niche market.

Remember, although it might seem expensive getting a great team of affiliates, the work they put in will help you make more sales. Therefore, in the long run, your returns on investment will warrant the higher pay you issue to your affiliates.

5. Affiliate Motivation

In the same way, although your affiliates might be active, you still need to work on connecting with them. Do this on a consistent and regular basis so that they know more about your business, and about any new promos and products you have in store.

Similarly, ensure that you ask them if they are going to need anything else from your company. By making your interactions with the affiliates easy and seamless, you will have an easier time communicating with them and motivating them to work extra hard to increase sales for your eCommerce website.

Needless to say that when cooperating with an affiliate network, all of the above is done for you.

So, there you have it – the top strategies on how to increase sales with affiliate marketing.
Using these tips and strategies, you should have a great time getting other people to market your eCommerce store and products.

Selling Vs. Qualifying

In the world of affiliate marketing, there is more to getting people to buy than just selling. To this end, you need to get your affiliates to qualify sales, and not just to sell the marketed products. Your team should help their readers and visitors know what they are looking for so that they are more convinced to buy once they land on your main sales page.

Actually, affiliate links are not that useful to the typical reader. When you plaster messages of ‘Buy This’ or ‘Click Here’ on your website, some people will be turned off right away.
Instead, consider providing useful help to your readers. Give them a story that explains their problem, and shows how your products are going to take care of this problem. By doing so, you will have an easier time learning how to increase sales with affiliate marketing for your eCommerce store.