Creating Strong Relationships to Benefit Your SEO Campaign

When Google first arrived on the scene and overhauled how websites were ranked in search engines, everything changed. Gone were the days where you could easily manipulate the rankings to push your site to the top. Now, you had to perform the Internet equivalent of networking – building relationships with other sites that would link to you.

While backlinking can be automated to some degree and there are a number of on-site tasks you can perform to improve your SERPs, the best way to improve your SEO results is still developing relationships with other webmasters and users in your niche.

Getting to Know Top Experts in Your Field

As you would in any field, you should look for experts in your niche and build relationships with them to improve the ranking of your website. Find industry blogs that provide valuable information to your customers and offer to write a guest post in exchange for a backlink.

Go to forums and contribute to ongoing conversations in your niche with a backlink to your site in your signature. Submit your website to top directories and resources in your niche. These are all very valuable SEO strategies, but they become more valuable when you attach real people to them.

To do this, don’t just submit blind comments on someone’s blog. Email them and ask them for more information. Join them in conversation on Twitter or Facebook. Create a back and forth that allows you to cash in on their credibility while building your own.

Getting to Know Your Visitors

Google doesn’t just want other people linking to your site. They want people finding your site, staying on your site and returning to your site. You solicit this by creating valuable content that attracts attention. The longer someone stays on your site and the more frequently someone clicks on a link in Google and remains on your website, the better your site will perform in search rankings.

Low bounce rates, high return visitor rates and high on-page times are all valuable in this regard. If you’re unsure of what your numbers look like, use Google Analytics to follow and analyze your traffic. You can easily see which areas of your site can be improved to provide a better experience for your visitors. These days, the name of the game is content – write more content that is useful and Google will reward you for it.