Creating Highly Targeted Ad Groups Using the Free AdWords Keyword Tool


There are dozens of high profile keyword tools on the market designed to help you succeed with your next PPC campaign, but for most advertisers, the free tools included in AdWords are more than enough to get the job done. With just the Google AdWords Keyword Tool ( you can create a targeted campaign with high conversions and a fantastic ROI.

Finding Keywords with the Keyword Tool

When you start using the Keyword Tool, you have two options – either you brainstorm your own terms and use them to find related searches or you can search on a specific web site to see what terms it is optimized for. Unless you have a site or know of a site that has been highly optimized, I recommend the former. You should be able to brainstorm plenty of good keywords for your campaign just from the research you’ve done into the niche.

Think of between 10 and 20 terms and enter them into the search box. Now, when you search, you’ll be given two sets of results – one for the exact terms you searched for and another for related terms. Review the list of terms you searched for and remove anything that doesn’t perform well. Anything with less than 50 searches per month is probably too narrow (unless the competition is next to nothing).

Now, start looking for related terms you can use. While doing all of this, add them to your campaign by dragging them into the ad group box on the right side of the screen. We can split them up later – for now, just select a good number of keywords.

Creating AdGroups

When creating your ad groups, you should do a few things.

  1. Select Negative Keywords – Remove any terms you don’t want included. Common negative terms include “free”, “download”, etc. There may be others specific to your niche as well. Add them here.
  2. Match Types – Specify the match types. Most heavy duty advertisers prefer phrase matches or exact matches for their campaigns, but if you plan on doing content network searches, you may include “broad match” as an option here. Just remember to be particular about how the terms are searched.
  3. Create Themed Groups – Now create themed ad groups based on the terms you’ve selected. A good ad group should have no more than 20 keywords in it (and some may have as few as 2 or 3 terms). The goal is to create obvious divisions that will make it easier to write targeted ad copy based on the terms in that ad group.

If you’re interested in building successful ad groups filled with high converting keywords, spend the time needed now to find those terms. The tools are free and intuitive and people have made millions using them (no need for expensive alternatives).