Creating a Unique, Value Rich Twitter Feed

For everyone who has never used Twitter as a marketing medium, the concept seems a little silly. You write short, 140 character “tweets” that people who follow you will see in their feed. That’s it – no website design, minimal management and a super small investment of time each day.

However, despite its deceptive simplicity, Twitter represents one of the most powerful social marketing tools on the Internet and because of those 140 character limits, it takes very little time to create and maintain a successful feed.

What Constitutes Value?

The first question you must ask yourself is what people you target on Twitter want from you. What kind of tweets will they look for and can you supply them? This varies between niches, but for the most part, value derives from the following:

  • Links, Images and Videos – Anything you can point to on another website (including your own) is a valuable tweet. However, filling your feed with only links is a sure way to drive people away. You want a nice balance between content you like and content you’ve developed.
  • Your Insights – This is a little harder. Twitter gurus are successful because they offer a unique perspective on their corner of the world and their followers are interested in hearing what they have to say. If you sell weight loss products, a good way to provide value to your followers is to offer a motivational statement every day or an exercise suggestion that people might find fun. You need to customize this aspect of your feed to your niche – it is by far the most time consuming aspect of running a Twitter feed.
  • Conversations – If the only thing you ever do on Twitter is post links, quotes and comments, you’re leaving half of its potential untouched. The whole purpose of a social media tool like Twitter is to develop useful content that people want to discuss and then discuss it with them. Solicit questions from customers, build conversations on hot topics in your niche and create relationships with people with useful things to add to those conversations.

A good Twitter feed offers value to your readers in as many forms as possible. It shows them you are an expert in your field, creates relationships between you and them, and gives them a reason to continue following your feed and by extension your blog and/or website. That makes Twitter incredibly powerful and a worthy addition to your marketing strategies.