Copywriting Tips for Higher AdWords CTRs

There are many metrics that matter when creating and optimizing a PPC advertising campaign. Among the most important of those is click thru rate or CTR. While the CTR doesn’t represent the amount of money you make from  your ad, it can be beneficial in many ways.

Google, for instance, rewards ads with high CTRs with higher quality scores. When your quality score is higher, you receive lower minimum bids to appear in the top rankings for that keyword. And while it’s important that any attention to your CTR be matched with attention to your actual conversion rate (so all that work results in revenue), it’s vital that you get more people clicking on those ads as soon as possible.

What Affects CTR

While a PPC ad looks very simple, there are many elements that can affect the willingness of a searcher to click on it. Some of those include:

  • The Title – The title should be related to what the searcher needs. Ideally you want the term they searched for to appear in your ad’s title. The best way to maximize how often this happens is to create smaller, more targeted ad groups. Instead of having 50 keywords in an ad group with one or two ads, pare it down to 5 keywords per ad group. You will be forced to write many more ads, but the CTR will almost always be higher.
  • Benefits, not Features – It may only be a couple of hundred characters, but the hard rules of copywriting still apply. Always write with benefits, not features in mind. People need to know how your product or service solves the problem they were searching for, not what fancy widgets you’ve created.
  • Tangible Examples – Don’t just say your product will save them money, say how much. Tangible numbers, percentages, and other concrete details catch people’s attention. If your product saves someone money, tell them how much.

Most importantly of all, your advertising campaign should be focused on the long tail. This is the reason that so many people fail when using Google AdWords. Their campaigns have three ad groups and 75 keywords instead of 200 ad groups and 2,000 keywords. It will take a lot of time and a lot of tweaking, but when you focus your energy on developing the perfect ad copy, those clicks will come and ideally, because they are more targeted, they will convert.