Are You Optimized for Facebook Mobile?

Just when you thought you had Facebook figured out, it’s time to rethink the entire process because of the rise of mobile. Facebook has finally gotten around to creating a viable, responsive mobile platform that works not only in browsers but as an app on popular Android and iOS phones. For this reason, businesses and brands need to reconsider how best to market themselves on that mobile platform.

What’s Different About Mobile?

To start, mobile condenses your message. The sprawling Timeline is gone in favor of a straightforward list of wall posts, information and pictures or videos. What you get on a phone screen is akin to a stock ticker instead of a newspaper discussing the merits of each individual stock. To stand out in such a condensed atmosphere, you need to target the exact needs of your readers.

Gone are the days of throwing up everything you can think of and waiting for something to stick. Now, you need to create content that strikes a chord with your target audience. That means more research and a better understanding of what your audience needs and wants from your Page.

Finding the Right Content Angle

To find a content angle that will showcase you as an expert and get your content into the top rankings on mobile wall feeds, there are a few things you can do. Here are some tips to find and generate content people are interested in:

* Video – People watch a lot of videos on their phones, but remember that time and battery life are both limited in most cases, as is connection speed in many cases. For this reason, make sure you keep your videos under 2-3 minutes whenever possible.
* Polls – Ask people what they want to read or watch on your Facebook feed. Simply asking people can go a long way toward generating interest in your brand.
* Case Studies – Show people what you’ve done for other people in interesting and exciting ways.
* Mobile Friendly Pictures and Infographics – Mobile is a share-friendly platform, even more so than Facebook on a computer screen. For this reason, make sure you create and distribute content that encourages shares. Images, infographics and anything else that hits the right tone with your target audience will get the job done.

When you combine the right content with the right format and size for your audience, you will generate a quick response that will grow your brand in the world’s largest mobile platform. Of course, you can always pay for that exposure too. This is an option if you have the budget for it, but make sure you target those ads according to the needs of your audience.

Facebook may be a bit behind the mobile curve but it is catching up fast and your target audience is almost guaranteed to be using the mobile apps and browser based Facebook more than they do on their computers, so your content needs to target them there, where they use it.