Are Enhanced Campaigns Right for Your AdWords Efforts?

One of the biggest changes in recent years to Google’s flagship advertising platform (and their biggest cash cow) is the introduction of the new enhanced campaigns feature in AdWords. If you keep up with the online marketing and advertising blogs you know all about this, but for those that don’t, here’s a quick summary.

What Are Enhanced Campaigns?

Increasingly, people are customizing their advertising campaigns to target people by device and time of day, among other variables. Someone standing in the mall searching for “puma sweatshirts” is ready to buy one and just needs to find the store that has them, whereas someone at home on their desktop may just be looking to see what’s available.

In the past, advertisers needed to create separate ad groups and campaigns for different devices and conditions. What enhanced campaigns do is streamline all that and make it possible to run a single campaign from one place for all of the variables you want to target.

Using Enhanced Campaigns

There is no one way to use enhanced campaigns. Every business must consider the benefits of this tool directly and whether the added complexity will make it easier or harder to maintain your current ROI and conversion rates. For example, retail businesses with physical locations are almost certainly going to want to use this tool. Too many people search for restaurants, hotels, clothing stores or sales when out of the house on a mobile device. It is too profitable NOT to take advantage of that.

Will an Internet marketer with an eBook just launched have the same luck? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on what you are selling. People often look up medical conditions, weight loss information or fitness tips on their phones, especially when at work, but rarely look up things like “how to make money online” on a phone. So, if you are in an urgency niche that would be searched for on a mobile device, enhanced campaigns are worth considering.

The most important thing here is the measurement of context. With the ability to target ads on phones versus tablets versus desktops versus notebooks, you’re going to find a LOT more options for how you present the same ad. Even if location doesn’t matter, the wording of an ad will based on that location. For example, someone using a phone has no interest in a “download this for free now” ad. However, “free content delivered to your inbox” would be more enticing because it doesn’t require them to read it right away.

New Metrics

One of the coolest new features here too is the ability to measure specific actions other than clicks. Clicks are great, but if the user doesn’t complete the goal you’ve defined AFTER that click, what good are they. With enhanced campaigns, you can define “calls”, “downloads of an app”, “searches on a map” or “emails sent” as goals that are readily and easily referenced in the campaign.

Enhanced campaigns add another layer of complexity to an already complex PPC advertising platform, but for those that use them and use them well, they will almost certainly provide more robust data and higher ROI. If that applies to you, I strongly encourage you to take a look.