Affiliate Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

$5 billion is spent yearly on Affiliate Marketing within the US. That is more than double Belize’s economy.

Would you like a piece of that pie coming into your own wallet?

It’s possible.

All you need to do is remember your Ps & Qs.

3 Positive “Do’s” for Affiliate Marketers

Know Your Niche Audience & Product

It’s so tempting to rush out and find the most expensive product on the Web and start promoting it.

Nothing but net.

Don’t do it.

Instead, build yourself a focused empire on a specific topic or niche. That way, when people find you on the Web, they will already know what to expect.

What posibilities do you see

Within that framework, you can now offer affiliate products that people will be interested in buying.

Which do you think will sell better?

1. A deluxe kitchen blender that nets $500 per sale on a site targeting dog owners.

2. A bike tire pump that nets you $5 per sale on a cycle website.

I’m hoping you can see the obvious answer. When you take time to understand what the right audience for your product would be, you win.

Patiently Create Compelling Content

Once you have the right product to bring to market it is time to create the platform you will use for reaching out and touching the Web.

Popular options include:
• Websites
• Blogging
• Social Media

When building momentum, I believe what you say is far more important than where you say it. You do want to adhere to everyone’s terms and conditions, but beyond that, your focus should be on creating high quality content that the viewers will rave about.

HOT TIP: Find an affiliate product that you are passionate about and build your niche outreach around it. This way, it would be a matter of fun enjoyment to create all the content that you would need.

Empower SEO, Social Networking & PPC Strategies

Have you ever heard that “if you build it they will come”?

It isn’t true.

Well, not entirely anyway.

That’s why such concepts as SEO, SMO & PPC exist.

SEO: Drives rankings to your site based on organic search engine traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other similar providers. (Slow boat to China)

PPC: Uses a paid strategy to reach your audience through associated ad networks like Google (Adwords) and Facebook Ads. (Fast boat to China)

SMO: Largely undervalued power of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. (Forget the boat, were going for a swim)

Out of all the options available, I would say that Twitter is the most underrated of them all with pinned tweets being the intrinsic concept that is most often used incorrectly.

65.8% of US businesses employ a marketing strategy with Twitter.

You can and should do the exact same thing as an Affiliate Marketer. Just be sure to review the TOS of the company you are wanting to build a solid gold business relationship with before getting started.

Drive traffic, get found, make sales with pinned tweet power on Twitter.

3 Qualities Good Affiliate Marketers Shouldn’t Have

While there is much to do as an Affiliate Marketer, there are some things you want to avoid.

Feelings of Failure

It may seem easy to plug in your Web to a cash register and start banking on the profits.

It’s not.

It will take persistent effort to stay motivated, engaged and connected to the process. If you opt for giving up when things get tough, then Affiliate Marketing is not for you.

One way to stay motivated is by reading content from other people that is related to your niche. The more you learn, the more you can share with the audience you’re building. As your status moves into labeling yourself as a niche authority, success takes shape.

Integrated Sellers Spam

You also want to avoid spam.

avoid spam

In the world of Affiliate Marketing, it happens when people think your only purpose to be involved in the conversation revolves around making a profit.

It is okay to want to make money online, if you don’t look like you want to make money online.

Who would you rather buy from?

• A sales person that has their eyes set on your wallet.
• An informative friend who you see as an expert within a given niche.

Inattention to Affiliate TOS

Another unfortunate quality can be found in Affiliates that think they can do anything to make sales for a given company.

Such is not the case.

For example, Google Adsense has always had strict no click guidelines. Unfortunately, in pursuit of “massive profits” people find ways to click those ads.

This is considered a fraudulent activity from the vantage point of Google Adsense. One which can cause accounts to be terminated and due checks to be cancelled.

Yet, some affiliates even create internal networks that they hope go unnoticed in-order to generate profits illegally. Google knows and what they don’t yet know, they will find out.

Bottom Line: If you want to build a long happy relationship with Google Adsense then follow their terms of service. In fact, this is the best way forward with whatever affiliate network you work with.

You have options.

1. Build a long healthy relationship with your provider.


2. Be banned, perhaps for life.

Option one will take much more work and commitment but it is the true way forward in your success with Affiliate Marketing profit results. Option two, speaks for itself, and 100% against you.

Closing Thoughts About the Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

Making money from home on the Web is possible.

Affiliate marketing interest is on the rise.

Follow the right pathways to success and watch your profits soar.

What has been your own experience in Affiliate Marketing?

Your successes verse your mountains to climb. Please take a moment to share your experiences in the comments below so we can all grow forward together. Together, we can help one another to discover the finer points of how to make money as online Affiliate Marketers.