5 Women who Rock Digital Marketing

While the Digital Marketing sphere continues to evolve, shift and swirl with trends, challenges and practices, we can always trust those key figures who manage to make it big no matter what – great influencers and entrepreneurs who lead, innovate, create trends and mentor thousands of people through their courses, blogs, and conferences.

Today, International Women’s Day, we’re profiling five warrior-like women that became industry leaders, grew their own ventures (to say the least), and are now crushing the digital marketing world! This little mix of ladies proves that ‘Girl Power’ isn’t dead, but very much alive and kicking.

Gretta van Riel

Australian serial entrepreneur and social media influencer, Gretta van Riel, started her first successful startup SkinnyMeTea at the age of 22 with only $24 in her bank account. Since then, SMT has grown into a multimillion-dollar business with over 11 million cups of tea sold worldwide helping customers lose a combined 1.5M kg. The brand’s explosive Instagram account has helped establish multiple different brands like Drop Bottle, Hey Influencer, and The 5th Watches which grossed 7 digits in one day of sales.

Gretta’s most recent venture, Hey Influencers, came to life when she decided to leverage her extensive knowledge in Influencer Marketing both as a brand and as an influencer. Hey Influencers is like a ‘Dating App’ for brands to connect with social media influencers, build solid relationships, and create goal-oriented campaigns from start to finish.

Gretta has appeared on world events such as eCommerce Mastery Live and Affiliate World Europe 2018, giving eCommerce masterclasses and facilitating workshops.

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Cat Howell

Facebook ad specialist and Founder of Eight Loop Social, Cat Howell, helps other businesses and entrepreneurs generate leads and sales from Facebook ads without going through the extensive learning curve of experimenting with Facebook. That is what six-figures-generating-per-month Eight Loop Social is all about.

Cat also launched The Academy and FATC to uncover how Facebook really works, saving freelancers and agency owners the time and money that unraveling Facebook ads business really takes – how to land new clients, how to scale on Facebook, how to build a proper team, and increase your revenue – all available on the Cat Howell YouTube channel.

Cat will also be speaking at AWE19 in July presenting performance-based tactics on Facebook ads and social media. Stay tuned.

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Christina Szekeres

Hungarian-born digital entrepreneur, Christina Szekeres, has more than 13 years of Performance Marketing experience and is now a super sought-after mastermind that consults, teaches strategies and tactics to master Facebook and other digital advertising platforms.

Founder of IMQueen (short for Internet Marketing Queen) and global speaker who currently resides in Southern California, Christina was first introduced to Affiliate Marketing back when she was 14 and reading an eBook on the subject. She then followed, launched her first Google AdWords campaign, trialed and errored, and the rest is history.

Spinning an astonishing performance marketing career, Christina is missioned to teach and prepare hungry individuals into navigating their own success.
She has appeared on industry events, traveled more than 27 countries with her dog Ramen and continues to fuel her entrepreneurial vision.

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Website imqueenconsulting.com

Molly Pittman

Digital marketing expert, Molly Pittman, started her marketing career as an intern at DigitalMarketer and transcended to the VP of Marketing position in less than 5 years. Since then, she started her own consulting agency and is now the Co-Founder of DigitalStrategyBootCamps.com, a 1-on-1 coaching & consulting service that provides tailored strategies and marketing plans for businesses.

In her DigitalMarketer days, Molly spent $8 million on paid traffic channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google and has generated thousands of leads and tens of thousands of customers while still maintaining a positive ROI.

If those credentials are not enough, Molly’s co-hosted podcast, Perpetual Traffic, has been downloaded over 3 million times in two years and has certified thousands of marketers in paid traffic and customer acquisition.

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Website digitalstrategybootcamps.com

Gabriella Rapone

Gabriella is an email marketing strategist that sent over 100 million email marketing messages in her career cycle. She does not believe in emails getting sent to spam but rather emails that create engagement and clicks. Her expertise is engagement!

A fan of statistics and understanding how things work and people think, Gabriella invests her time and talent in teaching others how to make more money with email marketing without sending more emails. But not only email marketing. Her self-taught strategies were also implemented on Facebook fan pages improvements which spawned competition-crushing results.

Gabby’s owned email service provider Ace Maverick Media is up and running for 7 years now, consulting for brands like As Seen On TV, United Online, and Classmates. Her mission is to help businesses and entrepreneurs increase email engagement rather than hitting the ‘spam’ folder.

Gabriella will be speaking at AWE19 and shell out tips and tactics on how to engage the disengaged.

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Instagram @gspot007
Website gabriellarapone.com


This extraordinary bunch of women proves that passion, consistency, knowledge and experience are imperative in any marketer’s line of sight. By checking out these influential women and learning from their trial and errors, you’ll be able to add another building block to your business’ success and push the limits even further.

Happy International Women’s Day!