5 Quick & Easy Networking Tips to Help You at Your Next Affiliate Conference

Looking forward to Affiliate Summit West 2018? We are too!

With over 6000 digital marketers scheduled to attend the industry’s premier event in Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, it can be a bit nerve wracking (not to mention exhausting) for affiliate marketers to have to market themselves and – gasp! – network.

While for some people, networking comes naturally, for others it may be a more daunting and unbearable task. So fear not: here are some quick and easy tips to help every affiliate marketer network like a natural.

1. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Look, we know that sometimes, things just have a way of working out – if you’re lucky enough. But why leave important meetings to chance?

Get scheduling appointments and meetings with potentials – it’s much more professional, not to mention, guaranteed. Once you’re all scheduled up, remember to be on time – and maybe avoid those super-early, post-partying slots too.

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2. Have a Goal

Networking for networking’s sake isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but networking with a specific goal in mind will definitely get you much further, not to mention, be a better use of your time and ticket price.

So whether you’re looking to meet potential recruitees or be recruited yourself, potential opportunities, or even to promote your own marketing talent, thinking a bit about what you want to get out of it, then networking with the relevant people will work wonders for your time management.

3. Be Social

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that social media gives valuable insights into conversations, ideas and news which you might not have known about otherwise.

So, make sure to join in with the conference’s hashtag – and see what other people are saying about it online.

Better yet – join Affiliate Summit West’s Facebook event and LinkedIn group – you never know who you’ll find (or be found by) and what opportunities these may present you with.

4. Make Notes

If you’ve ever had a great meeting with someone, only to forget all of the details when you need them later, then this one’s for you.

Business cards are there to give you a person’s contact details – but also operate as a mini-storage system. That is, it’s a good idea to make a few quick notes about any potential projects you discussed, any mutual contacts, and even a reminder of when to get in touch.

Because the key to follow up is in the details, right?

5. Be Selective and Specific

‘Working the room’ is a dead art, and for a good reason: after all, how many times have you found yourself as the unwilling participant in an irrelevant, nay – boring – conversation at a conference, one where you feel every precious second ticking away and being wasted? Exactly.

A good way to avoid this altogether is to be specific in who you talk to – as in, not anyone and everyone. Then, if you find yourself involved in a conversation you don’t want to be in, make your line of work clear and then politely move on to other people.

And there you have it.

Networking is a key, highly productive tool for any affiliate marketer looking to grow their marketing potential – when it’s done properly.

It’s also a powerful way to expand your network, even if you end up talking to only a few people! You never know who might connect you with your next big client, after all.

Good luck at Affiliate Summit West – make sure to visit the affiliaXe team at Meet Market Table F4.

See you soon!