5 Mobile Apps that Get You Closer to Prospects

Let’s face it – modern technology is increasingly mobile. It’s all about apps on smart phone handsets and tablets and only those with the ability and willingness to take advantage of that technology are going to thrive. To help you launch your own mobile efforts, here are five mobile apps that put you front and center in front of your clients in ways you might not have considered before.


If you prefer a different tool for managing your various social media accounts, by all means go for it, but HootSuite has always been at the top of my list for its variety of evolving features, ease of use and the fact that you can easily update all of your accounts at the same time from one interface. Cut down on the time spent on social media while still getting the most out of it with this tool.

Social Networks

While I don’t recommend you update your streams and feeds directly through the various social media apps, there are certain functions that only work when you login to the corresponding service. For example, Twitter allows you to add and drop people you’re following and trace conversations. Facebook has a number of advanced features including location tagging, picture editing and messaging. These are all great ways to stay in touch with your audience.


If you need to talk to someone directly, especially if audio or video are necessary, Skype is the best option around. Free to use over WiFi and highly reliable, this is the only way to handle face-to-face customer service on a mobile phone.


Stuck on a train but want to get some work done on your newest review site? Use the WordPress app to write and upload new pages of content, add a new post to your blog or review recently received comments on a hot post you wrote last week.

Google Analytics

Every good webmaster knows that data is the key to success. So, if you are serious about going mobile, you need a data tool that allows you to analyze the traffic you receive in real time. Google Analytics offers a fantastic mobile app (which is arguably better on Android) to review your recent traffic, create custom reports and make testing decisions.

Mobile apps are increasingly able to do everything we would normally do on a desktop and while most people will continue using their computers for the heavy lifting of day to day marketing tasks, being able to stay in touch and create new content on the go can give you a big edge over the competition.