23 Tools You Must Know to Successfully Monetize Your Traffic

If you already have a website or blog, then learning how to turn it into a money-spinner can’t hurt, can it?

You’re already working hard on building a website, maintaining & customizing it, feeding it with great content and publicizing it on your social media channels.

Taking the time to learn how to monetize your website will help you to ace your affiliate marketing efforts and harvest some cash (to say the least) whether you’re a beginner or a marketing veteran.

By understanding your website better, its audience and your ultimate income goals, you’ll have more of an insight into the tools that will work best and produce the most successful results for you.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top monetization tools you really should know and use in order to master affiliate marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords

Having your ads on Google, available to potential customers as they search for the product or service you promote gives more exposure and more focus on your target audience. It allows you to advertise locally or globally and you only pay per click, allowing you to start with any budget – and have a really impressive potential reach.

Bing Ads

Using the Bing Network allows your business to be viewed by an audience of people who search up to 918 million times per month, across devices, both locally and globally. Plus, it’s easy to import if you’re already using another search engine product. By only paying for clicks, you can set a budget per day, and even start small – with virtually no budget.


7Search is a top choice for affiliates who are looking for high traffic with vertical-specific online publishers. Their text ads are simple but effective, and the pay per click system makes it suitable for all budgets.

Email Delivery Services


AWeber offers an email marketing and automation system, helping small businesses build their audiences. It will help you promote your product through custom broadcast emails and sign up form templates. Try out a 30-day free trial and then sign up from as little as $19/month.


With a cloud-based email service, SendGrid ensures reliable delivery of emails. From $9.95/month, customers can easily create, test and deliver emails to a huge audience.


iContact offers a full service and a do-it-yourself experience, and is available in both English and Spanish versions. Email marketing and marketing automation is available alongside strategic advisors. Custom pricing is available for big lists, with the essential package available for $32/month.


MailChimp handles marketing automation with ten options, as well as helping you create email campaigns to better send your message. Integrating with major e-commerce providers allows you to use your purchase data for personalized campaigns – or templates, if you prefer. New businesses can start out for free up to 100,000 subscribers, with a pro package priced at $199/month.

Monitor your campaign

Translation Services

One Hour Translation

Using professional, native speaking translators and reviewers to check each translation, the service is high-quality, effective and quick. OHT guarantee 2000 words/day for fast and efficient service in a number of industries.


Upwork allows you to find freelancers to suit your business, with a range of industry areas and levels of service to suit you. You can build a team online at a price that works for you and won’t break your budget.


Fiverr allows you to build your affiliate marketing campaigns through professional freelancers that can be found online. This is particularly suitable for businesses with a small budget who are looking for translations, or one-off tasks needing a quick turnaround.

Retargeting / Remarketing


The Rubicon Project and Chango make it possible to stay with your target audience throughout the consumer journey with mobile native ads across 300 thousand apps, reaching more than 650 million consumers. Retargeting campaigns and real-time bidding offer flexibility.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience brings all your mobile, web and Facebook retargeting together into a single dashboard. It offers tracking, segmenting analytics and more with a 14-day free trial. It allows you to set up your own campaigns budget with a charge on a CPM basis.


AdRoll provides access to more than 500 ad exchanges, allowing you to reach customers across any device, browser or app. Integrate AdRoll with top marketing apps and have full control over your campaign. There is a pay as you go option, so you can easily control your ad spend.

Tracking Platforms


Voluum is perfect for affiliates with all your advertising campaigns in one place. It offers infinite scalability, extensive reporting, integrated DSP, fast re-directs and quick access via mobile apps. There are 4 pricing plans, starting at $99/month, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your business.

Credit: Voluum Affiliate Tracking Software


Tracking202 offers real-time performance updates, with pay per click marketing tracking and analytics. It offers many features such as RSS feeds, keyword tracking, cloaking, spy view, text ad tracking, referral tracking and more.

CPV Labs

This central platform allows you to track, test and optimize campaigns across multiple traffic sources. It offers customizable performance enhancements and simple setup to suit all customers. With pay per click pricing, it’s really suitable for all budgets.


HasOffers allows affiliates to measure, analyze and optimize performance marketing results in real time. You will have total control over one customizable platform, with simple technology and infinite scalability. Try it out with a 30-day free trial and then sign up from $279/month.

Competitive Intelligence

Similar Web

Similar Web can improve your affiliate marketing by revealing the competition’s strategy, benchmarking against the industry, discovering new leads or partners, identifying emerging trends and understanding the consumer journey. As a small affiliate you can start out free and then get a quote to customize your package as your business grows.


SEMrush helps you to boost your digital marketing efforts by offering competitive research services for online marketing. It features analytics reports, advertising research, display advertising, backlinks, keyword research and product listings ads from $99.95/month.

Mobile Ad Scout

Mobile Ad Scout provides searches of latest performing ads worldwide, data on the competition’s traffic sources, searches via mobile and web and more. Affiliates will have quick info at their fingertips for $177/month.

Spy Tools


You will have access to comprehensive data on already successful campaigns through fast and easy filters. You can analyze all aspects of the campaign to help you make better marketing decisions, all for $199/month.

Big Big Ads

You can now leverage your competitor’s profitable marketing by tracking current ad campaigns, finding successful ads and creating your own more efficient ads. Use Big Big Ads to understand your customers better, and even get started for free.

What Runs Where

What Runs Where provides an accurate picture of winning strategies, successful ads and profitable campaigns, giving you the tools and intelligence to grow your business. Stay up-to-date and understand the trends from $299/month.


All the above tools are available for you to use on the affiliaXe platform, so there’s really no need for you to go about and spend your hard-earned cash on each tool.

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Use one tool, combine a few strategies and soon enough you’ll craft your own analytical methods that work best for your site or blog.

Keep testing with an open mind.

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